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Do you love your area rug? When it comes to area rug cleaning, we are the best and we do provide all the treatment options area rugs should get! Contact us today and order our free pickup and delivery in Houston!

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

At Allcarpetsrus Carpet Cleaning Houston, we offer the best area rug cleaning techniques, for each specific rug type, we make sure our rug specialist will measure and diagnose your area rug with PH testing and document all the job details. The real question is, when was the last time that you had your rug cleaned? 1 Year? Two years? Five years? Many people don’t really maintain the rug and barely vacuum it often, and the rug can be set for years with no professional cleaning, this is why professional cleaning is very important! The cleaning of an area rug must be started with PH testing, when you know the PH level, you know what is the best cleaning products that you can use to clean your special area rug. Allcarpetsrus Carpet Cleaning Houston specialize in cleaning all area rug types: Oriental rug, Persian rug, shag rug, hand made rug, machine-made rug, synthetic rug, tufted rug, Chinese rug, wool rug, animal rug, viscose rug, silk rug, polyester rug, and many more rug types. We provide multiple options and all of them are available online, contact us today and request free pick up and delivery. In case and you have no idea what is the rug square Footage, use our Square Footage Calculator.

Have you cleaned the carpet recently?

 Although rugs have many advantages, they also have an obvious disadvantage: they must be cleaned regularly. why? For many reasons: they get dirty easily and absorb unpleasant odors, and if not properly taken care of, they tend to appear worn and faded. This is why many area rug manufacturers recommend having the area rug cleaned at least once a year professionally in order to maintain and keep rug value.


Every rug got in our industrial facility experiences a careful fundamental examination to decide the state of the rug. This is super important to inspect everything before so we will know what treatment the rug should get. After an assessment, we choose which cleaning products we use, every rug requires different treatment since not all of the rugs of our customers are the same (color, size, fabric, condition, discoloration, stains, made way, suggested repair and restoration).

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    Dust removal is our specialty. Our dusting is far superior to any other company. With our custom, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment we can remove almost 100% of the dust during our area rug cleaning process. As a result of our unique cleaning process, the quality is clear. You will have a clean and healthy environment for you, your family, and your pets.

    Rug Cleaning

    We wash the area rug on both sides with our proprietary process, after that the area rug undergoes a complete rinse to remove all detergent residue.

    Soaking The Area Rug

    If the area rug has pet urine, smell, or any type of dirt and heavy spots and difficult to eliminate, the soaking process becomes necessary, which lasts one, two days, or even more depending on the condition of the rug and allows us to eliminate all kinds of dirt and smells of the rug.

    Cleaning For Brightness

    This special washing will make your rug lighter and shinier. It is very important that rugs look their best.

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      Brushing The Rug

      This process is carried out after cleaning and rinsing the fabric of the rug with soft plastic brushes. It preserves the rug fiber and the tightness, the quality of the rug.

      Drying The Rug

      We dry rugs in our temperature-conditioned drying room to remove moisture and avoid mold and mildew. We use humidifiers and fan heaters for air movement. The drying time depends on the rug and can take 6 to 24 hours the drying time depending on the rug type, size, inappropriate drying can damage the rug fiber.

      Final Inspection

      At the end of the rug cleaning process, we carry out a thorough final inspection of the rug to make sure the results to our standard. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. It’s the finishing touch that means so much to us and to our customers.

      Allcarpetsrus Carpet And Rug Cleaning Houston

      Allcarpetsrus Carpet cleaning Houston is the #1 rug cleaning company that focuses on cleaning rugs. the corporate has immense expertise in cleaning rugs of all textures and designs and takes care to solely use the best quality materials and also the most advanced area rug cleaning strategies. If you’re undecided with which rug cleaning company to go for and you have any questions, simply contact Allcarpetsrus Carpet Cleaning Houston and you will receive the answers to all or any of your queries by our professional customer representative over the phone and the carpet cleaning technician on the day of the service.

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