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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

It’s pretty common to maintain our vehicles for safety, but maintaining your dryer vent is not less important, professional dryer vent cleaning is safety protection for homeowners and laundromat businesses. That’s not because dryers it’s not working properly it’s because when the dryer vent is not maintained and full of lint it’s more dangerous and the dryer is overheating than normal.
The course of fires in homes has been researched and found that most common fires because of clogged dryer vent and overheat of the dryer.

A long time ago the dryer vent was build visible in the garage or really next to the wall so it’s easy to reach and maintain but today everything builds differently and the dryer vent is inside the wall and most likely running from one side of the house to the other or all the way to the roof, this thing makes work much difficult and collecting heavy lint easily because of the long vent.

***Don’t buy a dryer vent cleaning kit and try to do it on your own! Many customers on daily basis clogged the dryer vent by letting the brush stuck inside!!!

Small little things you have to remember!

In addition, as long as you’ve not maintained on time the dryer vent you make yourself basically:

  • It’s dangerous.
  • Spending overtime on drying your clothing because of more cycles means it’s not drying on the first cycle.
  • Spending more money on electricity or natural gas depends on which way your dryer is working.

So everything is very simple! Contact us today and get a free estimated cost to have your dryer vent clean and make sure you:

  • Safe!
  • Don’t spend overtime drying your clothing.
  • Saving money on your home energy expenses.

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    Types Of Dryer Vents

    The pipes or vents however you wanna call them, are available in a variety of materials. Most dryer vents are round and 4 inches in diameter. Some of them are flexible and some are rigid. All of them need to fit the dryers, however, in some cases not because of building codes, you can find out that you have the same flexible vents that are not fitting the dryer. When you buy a new dryer, find out by the dryer manufacturer if the dryer fits the vent you have, and before you connecting your new dryer clean your dryer vent so your new dryer will work on a perfect performance and not overheat.

    Allcarpetsrus Carpet And Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston

    Allcarpetsrus Carpet And Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston is the #1 dryer vent cleaning company that focuses on cleaning vents and ducts. the corporate has immense expertise in cleaning dryer vents of all vents no matter how they build and design, we will takes care of it solely by using the best quality materials and also the most advanced dryer vent cleaning strategies. If you’re undecided with which dryer vent cleaning company to go for and you have any questions, simply contact Allcarpetsrus Carpet And Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston and you will receive the answers to all or any of your queries by our professional customer representative over the phone and the dryer vent cleaning technician on the day of the service.